Friday, September 29, 2006

Fat Nation

Today's frontpage of the New Straits Times screams "FAT NATION". This refers to the people of Malaysia getting fat in the waist. What's frightening is that Malaysia has the most number of fat people in the Asean region.
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  1. My waist is 36inches! >35.4in
    That makes me TOO FAT!

    I don't believe it! I don't think I'm too fat! ;)
    Hmmm something is not right ... *munching on some peanuts while pondering the report*

  2. waist is still only 83cm.

    Of course, it was 81cm before summer holidays...

    I've just been ordered by my doctor to lose weight. I've gained about 6kg...almost all of it during the summer, most of it while I was in Australia...

    But I'm not Malaysian, so I guess it doesn't matter, does it? Okay, never mind. I'll go stick my head back in the bucket.

  3. Look on the brighter side...being fat is 'prosperity' if the heart is happy ??

  4. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Now I know my diet proves to be a good practise

  5. hey! i wear size 32 inches jeans! But by the BMI test i m classified under "Normal/Near Underweight" category! I just happened to be tall and have wide hips (and flabby tummy and etc... *blush*)

  6. Fat is probably best measured using some sort of body mass index or at least height vs weight rather than just a waist measurement.

    What ever is used, there is no question that more and more people are overweight in developed countries. Poor diet choices and too much time sitting on our bums.

    I better go take a walk!

  7. oops oops.

    happening to me too..

    and mooncake festival is coming.. sigh...

  8. FH2o, is kayaking enough exercise? I mean all that sitting down......hmmm..

    MM, 6kg would require a set of new clothes. No?

  9. SF, Joe, fat is prosperity. Right!

    Z, you're wise to be eating carefully.

    YD, haha! Thanks for your stats.

  10. Pandabonium, yes, BMI is a good system to use though it could be a little too stringent. Eating wisely is important as well as getting enough exercise.

    Robin, more good food in the offing, eh? We live to eat? haha..