Monday, September 11, 2006

McCurry = McDonald's

An interesting article...

NEW YORK: The Malaysian High Court judgment that ordered a Kuala Lumpur restaurant to change its “McCurry” name has got another McCurry tickled pink.

This McCurry – award-winning photographer Steve McCurry – was quite amused to find out about the judgment, which ordered McCurry Restaurant (KL) Sdn Bhd to drop the “Mc” from its name.

“It is kind of funny but I guess what is more important is the quality of the food,” McCurry, who has won four top prizes in the World Press Photo Contest, said.

One of his most famous pictures was a close-up shot of an Afghan girl with her haunting green-coloured eyes, which made it to the cover of the National Geographic magazine.

Read story...The Star...Top pixman McCurry tickled pink by hot news


  1. Any idea how the Malaysian law would be interpreted if Steve McCurry himself were to set up the restaurant? Or would he be allowed to register "McCurry" for business other than restaurant?

  2. Considering "Mc" is a Scotch-Gaelic grammar particle meaning "son of", I think Scotland should sue the Malaysian government for defamation of character!

  3. No idea, Joe, but I don't think the law would be so unrelenting or rigid as to deny McCurry the right to use his family name.

  4. MM, or Lady MacBeth would have the Three Witches cook up something potent in their bubbling cauldron?! LOL!

  5. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I remember the pic, one that I could not forget even if I want to
    I like beautiful eyes
    Now, with that ruling, so our dear friend has to change name izzit...
    McCurry the photographer to... Curry the photograher???

  6. McCurry cannot be used?

    Wow, old MacDonald (who had a farm) cannot sing yiya yiya oh anymore.

    Malaysian law and the joy of it.. haha

  7. Z, that's a much-talked about picture. Did you know that McCurry went on a mission to look for her after all these years and found her? I saw that on TV.

    Robin, Malaysian law or any other law has its own quirkiness, don't you agree?

  8. If McDonalds has that much power in Malaysia, maybe the name of the country should be changed to McLaysia, capital McUala Lampur. People will have to greet each other during the day by saying, "SelaMcTengahari!" and thank each other by saying, "TeriMcKasih!"

    However, no one can use Mc in their store names!

  9. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Yes... he took the pic of the same girl only years later
    it was amazing

  10. MM, LOL! That is so cool! A classic! Thanks for the laugh.

    That ruling is ridiculous.

    Z, yes, amazing.