Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Everyone is given to moods once in awhile but there are two distinct moods, one of the woman's and the other the man's. Don't believe me? Check it out.


  1. Notice how the moods of a man are identified with one word. We're less complicated and extremely practical. But the list doesn't end there. Try adding Cheesy, Corny, Crappy, Cranky and Crazy. And those start from the letter C only. Try other alphabets! Crikey!

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Now this is funny...
    Very interesting

  3. Agus, LOL! Thank goodness for that otherwise women would have no one to pick on. **wicked grin**

    Z, :)

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    P.P. is laughing and rolling on the floor.:-D, I can't make any objecton abt. the Moods of a man and those Cxxxx ones from Agus.

  5. Yeah, Agus is CUTE, isn't he? That's one more C-word for you. haha..

  6. Nice laugh of the day.. LOL..

  7. Simplicity is the path to better understanding.

    I guess that explains why men just can't figure women out...

    What's all this favoritism regarding the letter C? There are plenty of other letters in the Roman alphabet! Take, for example, S:

    sensational, special, superior,
    superhuman, sincere, sacred,
    saintly, sane, satisfying,
    sensible, sensual, stalwart,
    slippery, sloppy, slovenly...
    (...wait a minute...)
    (...er, uh...)
    selfish, self-centered...
    simple, stupid...

    Okay, forget about S. NEXT LETTER, PLEASE!

    Word verification - latvuk (n) A derogatory term for a Latvian prostitute.

  8. NEXT Letter will be “T” after Moody’s “S”....
    Tell-tale, Teasing, Tempt..& TWIT ~_~

  9. "And after 'T' it will all be about 'U' won't it. Yeah, the universe always starts with u."

    Now where have I heard that before...

  10. LB, heehee...

    MM said:
    I guess that explains why men just can't figure women out...

    MM, or why women just can't figure men out...

    Say, that's a nice little list you've got there and it gets more real down the list. Oooops! But there are a few I rather fancy.

    latvuk? LOL!

  11. PP, is that your list for the women or the men?

    Agus, right on. The universe always starts with U and that's for both sexes.

  12. Pink Panther, was that directed at me??!?

  13. more focus, aren't we, guys?

  14. Anonymous1:01 PM

    That list can be for women or men. :-D

  15. Robin, more focus? Really?

    PP, good thing you said that becoz MM is getting a liiittle sensitive there......... ;)

  16. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Mr. Moody Minstrel:
    If you think it is, there you are. Actually I am not familiar with you and don’t know what type of mood you are.