Monday, September 11, 2006

Chasing away the Monday Blues

Having the Monday blues, here are two good, clean jokes to lighten up your day.

Age Guilt
Have you been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking... surely I cannot look that old?! You may enjoy this short story.

While waiting for my first appointment in the reception room of a new dentist, I noticed his certificate, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered that a tall, handsome boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30 years ago. Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate. After he had examined my teeth I asked him if he had attended the local high school. "Yes," he replied.

"When did you graduate?", I asked. He answered, "In 1971. Why?"

"You were in my class!" I exclaimed. He looked at me closely, and then the *&@#%$@# asked...
"What did you teach?"

A disappointed salesman of Coca Cola returns from his Middle East assignment. A friend asked, "Why weren't you successful with the Arabs?"

The salesman explained, "When I got posted in the Middle East, I was very confident that I will makes a good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown there. But, I had a problem I didn't know to speak Arabic. So, I planned to convey the message through 3 posters...

First poster, a man crawling through the hot desert sand... totally exhausted and panting. Second, the man is drinking our Cola and Third, our man is now totally refreshed. Then these posters were pasted all over the place"

That should have worked," said the friend. The salesman replied, "Well, not only did I not speak Arabic, I also didn't realize that Arabs read from right to left..."


  1. LOL!!!LOL!!!! thanks. You made my monday. So how did you answer to that question?

  2. IML, LOL!! I would probably ask if he knew anyone who is a plastic surgeon muttering this (*&@#%$@#) at the same time. haha..

  3. Happy,

    Nice jokes, especially the Coke one...he too will have problem with the typical Chinese.

  4. Yeah, wait till he goes to China. I read an article sometime back about certain products (Coke included I think) not doing well in certain countries due to the local language being translated into. Quite a laugh that one. I'll post it if I can locate that article.

  5. Perhaps the person in the first story should have followed the "What did you teach?" question with the answer, "Well, right now I'm going to teach you a lesson in common sense and manners," and proceed to add some more lines to his face with his dental tools.


  6. Anonymous7:39 PM

    It certainly did take away some of the exhaustion of being in a day of training...
    Another full day training again tomorrow

  7. aiyo, sensitive first joke..


  8. MM, poor chap. That could be a valid question as he didn't recognise her. But if he was being mean, your answer would fit like a T. LOL!

    Z, training? Are you teaching? haha...Oops! Attending training could be fun - at least a chance to get away from the office.

    Robin, aiyo, this situation could be real too.

  9. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Not if it's in the office

  10. Z, ooh! Too bad then. But then again, it's still a break from routine. Life is never perfect...