Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Being Woman

Battle of the sexes? Nah.... Just taking stock of the differences and trying to accept them even though we get discriminated against (see picture), accused of having our own little dictionary, sadly misunderstood, blamed for bad driving, slighted for telling cock and bull stories, scoffed at for having a list on "How to impress a woman" and we even have to suffer leg cramps and flaunt our fake behind to get some attention.

Finally, we had to seek divine help, but the headaches persisted doing it the first time.

Anyway, let me prove how misunderstood we are.


Hey, don't blame us. We just see more in a Mission.

Ahhh...variety is the spice of life, and we are not talking about knobs.

I can see you guys gloating......


  1. what about metro guys? what do u think? do u agree with the pix?

  2. hmm... agree with seefei, nowadays guys are becoming like girls. Just look at the young singers and actors with long hair and faces cuter than girls', wearing long-sleeved tight-fitting shirt.

    Just kill me, fans of boy bands.

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Thing's change... everything's changed...
    I'm not sure how true is all this either...
    But I'm sure there are exceptions where things are different for a reason...

  4. I look like neither of these guys, but I'm not looking anyway. The shopping diagram is RIGHT ON! Guy to girl: Do you want to play radio? I'll twist your knobs and you pull my ariel... :^O

  5. I appreciate the fact that women have so many buttons to push!

  6. SF, LOL! Let's hear it guys?

    "faces cuter than girls'"
    YD, that's cute. haha..

    Z, change is inevitable and that is the only constant in life. We can only hope that the changes mean progress and not put us in reverse gear.

  7. Pandabonium, you make me laugh so loud people think I'm nuts. LOL..

    MM said:"I appreciate the fact that women have so many buttons to push!"

    MM, as in I want her to feel happy today, so you push this green button and then I want her to feel lustful today, and you push this red button and so forth. haha! What an interesting thought.

  8. haha... yes yes .. quite true

    did u hear about the woman who pee in her pants at the department store?

    She was looking for a toilet before she found the store.

  9. eewww.... She must be suffering from urinary incontinence. Oops! I'm sure she had a reason for doing that.