Friday, September 1, 2006

Rare Flowers

I thought it's Monday today. Was all pepped up for the Monday load this morning but then realised that it is actually Friday. A holiday midweek sometimes messes up ones sense of time. Am glad it's Friday though - not complaining. The thought of a weekend just around the bend sure does wonders to ones energy level, doesn't it? It does for me. Besides, I am a Friday child.

Flowers for a Friday.
The email said these are rare flowers. I am not an expert on flowers but I do know that they are really pretty. Did I ever mention that I love flowers and their colours? I love them more still intact on the plant. Butterflies are another colourful item I love to watch. Did you know that butterflies live for only four days? That's what I read. I wonder where do they go to die? Has anyone ever chanced upon a butterfly graveyard?

Hope these will put a smile on your face too.

Source unknown


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Flowers are beautiful and these are beautiful too...
    Never wondered bout the butterflies...
    But I guess there are doing it in a secretive place...
    Wonders of nature...

  2. So true, wonders of nature.

  3. One or two of those flowers look like they're smiling. Interesting...

  4. The 3rd one is an orchid.

    Dendrodium sp.. I have some in my garden

  5. Stunning photos. Thanks.

    There are lots of butterflies around here and I often come across dead ones on my walks. One reason you might not see them is that dead insects are quickly taken apart and eaten by other insects. Natural recycling.

  6. MM, the subtle beauty of nature.

    Robin, which means you have one of the rarest flowers. How wonderful. I bet they brighten up the place.

    The shot here is awesome, don't you think? I like the blue sky as the backdrop - brings out the colour contrast.

    Pandabonium, thanks.

    About the butterflies, you are right. Nature has a way of cleaning up. Besides, butterflies are so fragile and thus crumble quickly.

  7. They are beautiful!

  8. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Amazing... I have the first type of flower in my garden... what is the last flower called? Totally beautiful!