Monday, September 4, 2006

Funny driver’s guide to Johor

Most Singaporeans don't venture out of Johor Baru probably because they are not sure what to expect. There is now a driver's guide to help you along.

This tongue-in-cheek "Funny driver’s guide to Johor" is distributed free at Tourism Malaysia office in Singapore as well as at selected petrol stations, trade fairs and through mail drops.

It abounds with tips such as how to safely take a leak by the side of the highway and how not to race with local drivers of vehicles with more than four wheels.

It also has detailed maps of the eight districts in Johore and marks out popular places of interest, e.g, eateries, golf courses, shopping spots, beach resorts, etc.

In keeping with the humorous style of the guide, the last tip says: “And yes there is no rule that requires you to return home with an empty tank. So, please do the obvious.”

Get your copy today.

Read story: The Star...Funny driver's guide to Johor


  1. 2007 is Visit Malaysia year, organised by TM. Barring the security problems, it would be nice to drive in Malaysia, breakfast in S'pore, lunch in KL, and dinner in Penang by the roaring sea!

  2. Joe, that really sounds like fun. About security, everyone has to be on the alert and take precautions. I think it applies to whatever country one visits.

    Yes, 2007 is Visit Malaysia year.

  3. Maybe it tell Robin where to park his pretty red car. hehehe

  4. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I guess even us Malaysians would need such a guide...
    Even we do not know all these and we call ourselves Malaysians

  5. Pandabonium, you may be right there.

    Robin, you got that? Quick, grab a copy to see where they reserve the sweet spot for that pretty red car of yours.

    Z, yeah, I agree. Driving guides are always handy.

  6. Hmm, I really must embark on a drive-thru to Singapore one day! Coming?...

  7. Hmm, I'm thinking. I'm thinking...

  8. hahha..what a clever way to attract potential tourists in the visit malaysia year

    but i wonder why wont singaporeans visit JB often? i mean if im a singaporean..i WOULD probably go shopping in JB every weekend...kekeke...

  9. Can I park my BLUE car in the same place Robin parks his red one, or is there a law against that?blyt

  10. Anonymous10:32 PM

    i applaud this nice gesture. Malaysia certainly have much to offer.
    though i have travelling around Malaysia before (JB, Malacca, KL, gentings, cameron highlands, lake pedu, lake kenyir etc, i did stop primarily becoz lack of time as well as refocusing my travels to other neighouring countries. i hope this will prompt me to start once again :)

    p.s: finally I was hopeful that someone dun step-in & ruin everything again :P

  11. Pink Cotton, I think a lot of Singaporeans do go over to JB for shopping over the weekend. That's why prices of goods and services in JB have gone up as in demand driving prices up.

    People in JB also go over to Sgp for shopping - mostly designer and electronics stuff.

  12. MM, I think if you look closer, you'll notice that there is indeed a neighbour-lot reserved for your true blue - just next to the lot for Robin's hot red. Saw it?

  13. Slurp! Whoa! you certainly are a globe-trotter. Malaysia is nice for a short getaway. A drive-thru like what Joe said is possible from Sgp right up to the north. Remember to get your copy of the guide then.

  14. hahahahahaha...

    True la...poor singaporeans cant carry ciggarate, pirated CDs and even the chewing gum back wo..

    Our gov good lo told them what to bring home as souvenir (maybe)! haha

  15. Anonymous12:53 AM

    hahahaha ... dun believe whatever gahmen says lah. we have our sources, kindly provided by some of our TRUE malaysian friends.

    we should also aware that we're bound to encounter some of ignorant, pathetic folks that commonly exists anywhere in this world. we should not allow such people to interfere / ruin our friendship & trust that was gradually built up thru the years.

    actually there are some regular friendship trip that ride/drive from SG to TH Golden triangle all along, that stops along MY/TH/SG, making friends, creating closer bonds.

    there are also such activities amongst photographers within ASEAN. not too sure if all the gahmen are aware of these events at all LOLz


  16. RS, I'm not sure what's the standard procedure is whether Customs at Sgp checkpoint check for illicit stuff but it's not difficult to bring some over. Or like what Slurp! says, there are friends.

  17. Slurp! I do agree what you said about this:
    "we should also aware that we're bound to encounter some of ignorant, pathetic folks that commonly exists anywhere in this world. we should not allow such people to interfere / ruin our friendship & trust that was gradually built up thru the years.

    Unfortunately, this is a sad fact of life. Ties between/among nations should stand the test of such negative forces.

    Interesting about your friendship and ASEAN activities. Keep them up. The world would have more peace and love because of good people like you and your buddies.