Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Puduraya terminal" temporarily relocated to Bukit Jalil Parking Lot F

The use of Bukit Jalil as temporary bus terminal has been discontinued. Please read latest update below for current bus terminal location.

Latest update: Puduraya Bus Terminal reopens today, April 16

Yesterday, the usually congested Jalan Pudu was devoid of the usual lines of express buses normally parked by the roadside while waiting to pick up passengers from the Puduraya bus terminal.

The March 19 date for closure of Puduraya bus terminal for four months of renovation works was postponed to yesterday, April 12. Despite media reports and banners inside the terminal, many commuters were caught unawares.

North- and south-bound travellers now have to take their buses at Bukit Jalil following the four-month closure of the Puduraya bus terminal.

RapidKL shuttle buses are available, at a frequency of 15 minutes, to ferry passengers to and from Puduraya/Bukit Jalil. The fare is RM2.

While a big banner had been put up to inform commuters that North/South-bound buses had been relocated to the Bukit Jalil Complex Parking Lot F (adjacent to the Bukit Jalil hockey stadium), it was apparent that it had gone unnoticed by many.

At the Bukit Jalil terminal, there are 98 ticket counters, a waiting area with 3,000 seats and 24 food stalls capable of accommodating 600 customers at any one time.

However, Puduraya is still the terminal for taxi services to Genting Highlands and rental cars bound for the north and south. Taxi services to Genting Highlands, are also still operating from Puduraya terminal.

Currently, the only entry to Puduraya terminal is via the overhead bridge.

The upgrading work at Puduraya is expected to take four months to complete.

While Bukit Jalil accommodates North and South-bound travellers, those heading to the East Coast will need to go to Hentian Putra.

For more information, call the hotline at 03-2078 7017 / 03-2078 6018.

Here's a map of Puduraya to help you along.

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Image source: The Star


  1. Yeah! Hopefully the new Pudu will be better in a lot of ways. :D

  2. i think there has not been clear instructions and message given.. and things get more messed up when the dates kept postponed and the initial Hang Tuah station was abandoned..

  3. Anonymous10:11 PM

    The existing Pudu Terminal should be moved elsewhere. The current location is hardly suitable and it contributes to terrible congestion. Not a place for bus terminals.

  4. Funny, north-bound buses have used the Jalan Duta Station for many years...

  5. Ah just nice, sum seong si seng. Relative passed on this morning and thinking drive up or take bus to Penang. tQ muaaahhhh.

  6. I agree with Mei Teng. They should just move the Puduraya Bus Terminal to somewhere more suitable that would not create traffic congestion.

  7. I have never been to Pudu bus terminal before. Always manage to avoid that somehow.

    Are they renovating it to accommodate more traffic? There are some terrible stories about pick pockets etc etc during evening/night time. Is it true?

  8. Tekkaus, I have no doubt. I'm looking forward to the new look.

    SK, you may be right about the lack of communication. Probably, the authorities did not have specifics then. The paper said Hang Tuah is also being used.

  9. Mei Teng, somehow, I still prefer the current location. I feel it gives a happy feeling for travellers in that when they disembark, they are right in an area of activity - of food, shopping, places to see in general. I know I'd feel wonderful if I were to disembark to that kind of vibrancy. What a feeling!

    KS, simultaneous locations being used, I think. Somehow, travellers know which station to go to or it's just a matter of preference.

  10. Bananaz, so sorry to hear about your relative. Trust all went well..

    Foong, something like moving the traffic congestion to a new location? LOL!

  11. Ai Shiang, frankly, I've never been told about any pickpocket incident. The place can be really crowded especially during school holidays and festivals, even weekends, but it only makes sense to be extra careful in such crowded places - anywhere in the world, right?

    Bottomline: Puduraya is a safe place. I'm looking forward to it opening again. Give it a visit the next time you're in Kuala Lumpur.

  12. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Hi,I will visit KL in Oct and i was wondering about Puduraya renovation, is it done yet? I need to take bus from KL to JB.
    Thanks before

  13. Hello. Upgrading work on Puduraya has been extended to end of the year. Buses are still using Bukit Jalil until then. Enjoy your visit to KL. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Does anyone know whether the Bus Station is back at Puduraya, or is it still in Bukit Jalil? Thnx

  15. Hi Frank, thanks for stopping by. In answer to your query, the Bus Station is still in Bukit Jalil. Upgrading of Puduraya has been extended to Dec, which reminds me I'll need to post an update. Feel free to check back.