Thursday, April 29, 2010

Protect your Computer with USB Encryption Software - Free 30-day trial

Have you ever sent your desktop or laptop computer to get it repaired with a little uneasy feeling that the contents might be read or copied? No offence to anyone, of course.

Everyone of us has images and confidential documents in our computer(s) that we would like for them to stay private. With technology advancements, we can now protect our intellectual property by locking them up with encryption.

Installing a USB encryption software will keep your files safe from inquisitive eyes. The software allows for you to encrypt storage places where you save your information. You can encrypt USB drive, encrypt flash drive and even encrypt external drive.

The USBCrypt software comes in a choice of 128- and 256-bit strong AES encryption. It's easy to install and use, and has an optional "spare key" creation feature. You can download now for a free 30-day trial.


  1. Edison Chen missed this and landed up in hot soup with his 'exposure' of his sex scandals..haha thankz for the great info of encryption, nothing much for me to hide anyway. ~;) tQ.

  2. Bananaz, believe it or not, I actually thought of him when I wrote this. I suppose Edison Chen's case is a good example to use when it comes to computer security or lack thereof.

  3. This is some easy way of doing USB Encryption. I always used to on doing the hard method! Wonder if there is a Full version of it?

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