Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Create, Collect and Preserve Wealth through Numis Network

Network marketing has made a lot of people a lot of money. Some people make multiple streams of income through various network programs.

Have you heard of Numis Network MLM? We have often talked about investing in gold and silver to preserve wealth and the purchasing power. Numis Network is a Gold and Silver MLM that can make you a lot of money - from the commissions as well as the physical collection of gold and silver coins. Numis Network allows you to buy and sell graded gold and silver coins through a network marketing model. It's about creating wealth, collecting wealth and preserving wealth. Take a look at the intro video below for a better understanding of the opportunity.

Numis has a binary compensation plan, with a few twists. Before we venture into any business, we would need to take some time to learn how the compensation plan works. This video shows a brief overview of the compensation plan.


  1. Oh! oh! No extra$ so no bold no gold hehe:P tQ.

  2. SO you joined this MLM?

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