Sunday, April 18, 2010

I had a dream..

Now Thats Funny

This morning, I woke up with an unusual dream. I dreamt that I was invited to Japan (no city indicated) on a week-long vacation to see a motorsport (again no indication of whether it was Formula One or what).

The strange part is, or rather what's bizarre is that when I arrived in Japan, I realised I forgot to pack anything - no clothes, no toothbrush, nothing. Zilch!! And, even stranger is that one of the suitcases was empty - probably mine - and the suitcase is in such a vivid color. It's bright shocking green! Bizarre, don't you think? Dreams... they are so weird..

Another time, I literally woke up laughing. I dreamt that we were playing mahjong and we cracked a really funny joke. It had something to do with pigs. It was so hilarious that in my dream, I told myself I simply had to remember the joke so that I could relate it to friends at work. When I woke up, the dream was still fresh in my mind but in the end, I never did get to tell it because I couldn't recall the details enough to tell it. Perhaps, I should have quickly noted it down.

You're familiar with the sixth sense, right? In Buddhism, it is believed dreams sometimes take us back to incidents in our previous life/lives. This is referred to as beyond the sixth sense. It's eighth, if I recall correctly. The seventh is something else, which escapes me right now. Let me find out and get back.

Have you ever had any bizarre or funny dream(s)? Care to share them?

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