Friday, April 2, 2010

Funny Ad of a Human Barcode Reader

Going through the supermarket checkout counter the other day reminded me of the KitKat advertisement on tv. Remember the guy who uses his teeth as a barcode reader? That ad cracks me up every time. I'll say he is as good as the Symbol LS2208 bar code reader I saw online.

I remember when barcode was first introduced here in Malaysia, companies were scrambling to have their staff trained to be able to use the new equipment setup. That is many years ago and now barcoding is part of our life.


  1. hahaha, that is the Kit-Kat ad, quite creative for them to think of this plot yeah?? :)

  2. hmmm, i'm dealing with barcode quite often because of my job.. have been doing quite a few projects that uses barcodes..

  3. Love to see that kit-kat human barcode reader. in fact love all their adverts like the one singing in a karaoke. Had experienced before the goods that I bought was not the price that I saw on the rack. Someone had 'misplaced' it on the wrong rack. Need to check the reader for the price if unsure. tQ

  4. SK, creative, yes, I thought so too.

    So you must be an expert on barcoding then.

    Bananaz, good tip to have price checked if unsure. Unfortunately, not all supermarkets have these price-checkers readily available, yeah?