Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wikinvest - Bling

If you are used to checking stocks on Google or Yahoo!, you might want to check out Wikinvest for a change. Wikinvest is a Financial Widget Startup that focuses on stock charts and financial data chart widgets that are embeddable and shared. They are regularly updating their site to provide more value-added financial information for investors.

Bling is one of the new features. It is a new financial metric search engine which allows you to search trends over a period of time. For example, you need information on Monsanto_Company_(MON) Long-term_Incentive_Compensation and Halliburton_Company_(HAL) Long-term_Incentive_Compensation and match it against Huntington_Bancshares_(HBAN) Long-term_Incentive_Compensation to do a comparison of the three companies, Bling is able to supply you the data you need. And if you want to read more about what a metric means, just use the Dictionary in the right sidebar to find out how it’s used, how it’s calculated, and a few examples of how this information is used.

As usual, all of Wikinvest charts on these data pages are available for you to embed on your blogs. Wikinvest shows industry metrics which can give investors insights into the health of the company and more.

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