Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who has the best anti-wrinkle face cream?

Spam.. there is no avoiding it, the PC kind I mean. An email from one Uk National Lottery made its way to my "Inbox" yesterday. One that reads in the subject line, Your email id has won £1,532.720.00GBP in the UK Electronics Award, and there is no other text. Has anyone fallen for this scam?

Another one (spam) came on the phone offering an SKII free skin test. This one, I can understand but it is still unsolicited. I hear SKII has some pretty good products. I wonder if they have the best anti wrinkle face cream. Better start scouting for one now for when I'm 64.. LOL!


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    SKII is popular. But don't know if they have the best anti-wrinkle cream.

  2. Hi Mei Teng, that was quick. Thanks.

  3. I just came across new Amway product recently launched - claim to make you look younger by 15 years! And they claim no other skin care product dare to make this claim! Costs RM800+. Want to buy? Order from me, haha! Free installment allowed.

    No, I'm no Amway agent but my friend is : )

  4. I have received a lot of spam too. :D

    Hmm....I have never used any anti-wrinkle products. I don't mind to have those wrinkles on my face. I am not vain. :p