Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tainted vegetables in China

Do you make it a point to soak your vegetables in water before cooking them? Pesticides used are poisonous, though their use is permitted on farm products as products are safe to eat after adequate dilution of the pesticide content, according to Tang Bowen, director of Nanning agriculture bureau.

The current drought in China's southeast area has contributed to tainted veggies which is a worry in China currently.

Some people resort to home remedies made from fruits and vegetables and acne home remedies are one of them. You may want to be extra careful if you are in China especially in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China. Refer to The Daily Chili for more information on the tainted vegetable situation.


  1. I'm always wary of products from China. :(

  2. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I agree with Lina. China made products or stuff that comes from China makes me uneasy.

    Apparently..sometime back, the news reported of people getting sick from drinking water or something due to companies dumping waste into the lake.

  3. Regarding soaking vegetables in water - how long is good enough?

  4. China's products are very dangerous. You will never know what is tainted next. :(

  5. hmmmm, i have no idea, because i don't cook!! i just arrive at home, and dinner's ready~~ :p

  6. I would like to wish you and your family
    Many Easter Blessings and have you a great Easter!

  7. Lina, many people are now, especially where food is concerned.

    WGD webmaster, important to wash vegetables, and soak them for a bit too, if possible.

  8. Mei Teng, sad but true, when in China one has to be extra careful about food and drink.

    KS, good question but I do not have the answer. What I normally do is clean and cut them up and soak until they are ready to cook. That would normally entail something like twenty to thirty minutes. I would also add salt to the water. Let me tell you why. I once found a pretty little light blue worm in the basin where I soaked cauliflower. Yes, even the cleanest of cauliflowers might have pretty little worms. Salt separates worms from the veggies.

  9. Tekkaus, unfortunately, this time it's no one's fault. No one can control the weather.

    SK, some people have all the luck. LOL!

  10. Hi Shakira, hope you had a great Easter.