Friday, April 2, 2010

Weightloss without Pills

Women in midlife could prevent themselves from gaining weight by just investing an hour of moderate activity a day — including such recreational activities as brisk walking, leisurely bicycling, ballroom dancing and playing with children. This has been determined by Harvard researchers as reported by the NY Times. Half that amount of vigorous activity, like running, jogging or fast biking, will do the trick as well.

Ladies, now you know. No need for adipex p or any other weightloss pills to do the trick for you.

We all know that losing weight is difficult, and keeping it off may be even harder, so whatever weight we are, the advice is to try to stay that weight.


  1. hmmmm, but most people would prefer just taking a pill than doing an hour of exercise.. taking a pill is just two second exercise, hahaha~~ :D

  2. but for me maybe, if someday a fairy could grant me three wishes, getting into a perfect shape must be one of my wish, kekeke :D

  3. but then, there's a study that mentioned the more one age, the more exercise one need in order to lose/maintain weight.
    I need to double my exercise when I reach 50, I think. @_@

  4. SK, so true about people rather taking the pill than to go for that walk or run. Hey, I read the article on Wangsa Walk Mall and that there is a jogging/running track. Nice!

    LOL! on the three wishes. Shall I say, "You wish!"? haha..

  5. Lina, really? Probably it's due to the inactivity that comes with retirement and old age. Good to know though. Thanks for the info.

  6. Hello,

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