Friday, April 30, 2010

Chef Apparel

If you are looking to buy chef apparel, is the site you would want to check out. With chef apparel from iD by Landau, you can achieve the exact desired look that fits your restaurant. Together with the color scheme and decor, your choice of apparel will all add up to the best image that your restaurant wants to present to every guest who comes through the door.

You would be amazed at the wide selection of apparel for cooks available including chef coats, cook shirts, chef pants, chef hats, even black aprons, and more. In fact, every piece of clothing a chef needs is available on And if you require bulk order, no problem at all as they are used to supplying apparel by bulk as many as thousands. Buying in bulk will result in savings for you too.

Embroidery and Monogramming services are available on every shirt, coat and cap purchased from


  1. hmmm, i heard about the chef apparel that they have specific color and design for different rank, true??

  2. Add on to [SK]'s, is it the higher the 'hat' the higher the ranking? Happy Labour Day got something for ya. tQ.

    Special Tribute 2U

  3. SK, no idea about that but I think there is some truth to what Bananaz said about the height of the hat.

    Maybe someone in the culinary arts can enlighten us?

    Bananaz, great tribute. Thank you for the link.