Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Frolics - Are You a Tortured Genius?

Are you a genius? No, wait, this quiz asks whether you're a Tortured Genius. I'm not a genius neither do I feel tortured so no idea why the quiz says I'm 66% tortured. Maybe I need to chill a little and turn a blind eye sometimes.

You Are 66% Tortured Genius

You are smart. Brilliant in fact. And while it's a blessing, it's also a curse.

Your head is filled with everything - grand ideas, insufferable worries, and a good deal of angst.

Your turn..


  1. I am only 50% tortured. :p

  2. hmmm, don't have to do the test.. because i already know the result - i'm NOT genius, but certainly TORTURED, hahahaha!! so that's 50%-50%?? :p

  3. Whoa! You guys are so balanced. So not that tortured. Perhaps ladies (me) are more picky? Need to chill, hor?

  4. i'm 79% a tortured Genius... :| Worse than you are! >.< Does this explains why i have sleeping issues? haha