Thursday, June 3, 2010

These days, I hardly use a physical dictionary. With so many online dictionaries easily available at a couple of mouse-clicks, the dictionary has become just another hardcover book on the bookcase. In fact, there are a number of them bought over the years.

If you have been using an online dictionary, which is the one you have been using? Here's a good online dictionary if you are looking to replace the one you've been using.

It's the Bee English Dictionary. Like all dictionaries, you can browse the Bee Dictionary by letter or you can simply type in the word. If you are a Crossword Puzzle enthusiast, you would be sure to have many hours of enjoyment with their collection of crossword puzzles. If you have an iPhone, Bee Dictionary is specially designed for the iPhone to quickly look up any meaning, usage and audio of words. You can learn a word a day too with Bee English Dictionary.


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I know what you mean. I use on-line dictonary, language translator and currency converter! :)

  2. PandaB, LOL! Great connection.

    Mei Teng, indeed. It's so much more convenient now, isn't it? Say, that's a nice new profile picture. The green blends in with your outfit.

  3. I have gone through this online dictionary and found many new word meanings that are not found in many dictionaries. The name Bee English Dictionary is pretty attractive. I am sure to use it as an alternative for the Oxford Dictionary. Bye and take care.