Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guardian Insurance of Australia

A recent research suggests that nearly 6 in 10 parents with children aged 17 and below may have insufficient life insurance cover. This could be the result of many people thinking that arranging life insurance is a complicated and expensive undertaking. Having no or insufficient coverage leaves one's family potentially exposed in the event of one's death.

Guardian Insurance of Australia is one of the top insurance companies in Australia. If you do a search for life insurance Australia, Guardian shows up as among the top search results. Guardian makes it easy to arrange for life insurance. You can do it in two easy steps. Step 1 - get quote online. Step 2 - call to apply. There is no need for medical exam, no blood test required. It's guaranteed renewable for life, plus they provide a 30-day money back guarantee.

Accidental deaths have left many families unprotected. Statistics show that 7 males and 6 females die of accidents every day in Australia. It is wise to prepare for the unexpected with Guardian Accident Insurance.

Income insurance protects your income and secures your lifestyle in the event of your inability to work due to sickness or injury. Loss of income can cause serious hardship to yourself and your family. Your home, car, food, clothing, children’s education – all depend on your income. When you think of how your lifestyle could be affected, it only makes sense not to overlook this important cover.

Sufficient insurance gives peace of mind knowing that your family is protected and well taken care of.

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