Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Motorbike Injury Claims

If you are a motorbike rider in the UK and have had an accident but no idea who to turn to for making motorbike accident claims, Claimant Law is where you can turn to for assistance.

Claimant Law is one of UK's leading personal injury firms. They have a specialist team of solicitors acting in any area of personal injury claims which include motorbike injury claims, accident at work claims, car accident and whiplash injury claims, clinical negligence claims and cosmetic surgery claims.

Making injury claims at Claimant Law is hassle-free. Simply contact one of their specialists at 0800 089 4444. Alternatively, you can register your claim online.

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  1. Motorbike injury claims is the second common why people make accident claims in the UK. Car accident is number one, imagine a 400,000 car accidents happen every year and they cost the NHS over £470million.