Thursday, June 24, 2010


Guest post from Taylor Kawley

To manage my photos online, I use Webshots. It is very easy to use. I have a 35mm camera. I get my film developed on a CD. I load the pictures from my CD onto my computer. I then take those pictures and create a folder for them. I name that folder. I then go to

To load my pictures from my folder, I would click on the upload button. Then click on the browse button to search for that folder. Once the folder is found, click on upload. Once your pictures are uploaded, Webshots will ask you to name your photo album. Once that is done, you can filter each picture into the album it belongs to. For example, you might have a photo album named South Dakota. Any picture that relates to South Dakota can be moved to that photo album. After you name your album, you can then categorize it. Since South Dakota is a state, you would probably want to categorize it under travel.

Webshots is also a sharing site. Anyone who is a member of Webshots can view your pictures and download them. You may also view and download any members photos. This is great if you are taking a trip somewhere. If a member of Webshots has already been to that same place, you can view those photos before you go.

Since I use hughes wireless, sometimes the upload process can be rather slow. It is better to do any uploading or downloading in the morning. Internet traffic is not as busy during that time.

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