Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make it a Golf Vacation with a difference - at Myrtle Beach

What is it about summer that perks up the spirits. It must be (among others) the sunshine, the flowers in the garden, the vacation time coming up not forgetting the round or two of golf for some of us!

Talk about golf, avid golfers would not pass up on that round of golf whenever they travel on business. Top class Myrtle Beach golf courses are among the best in the US and there are over 80 of them in Myrtle Beach

Making reservations is easy . It's just one phone-call away or you can book one of their Myrtle Beach golf packages online at The best part is, they let you book your tee times and accommodations at the same time. One of their popular golf packages include a course that legendary players and course designers, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, play in. You'd be walking among the greats when you play there.

For those who don't play golf, there are lots of other attractions to keep you busy. You can visit the many museums available, have a thrilling time at the amusement parks, take in a show or two at the theatres or go shopping! Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer holidaymakers, young and the young at heart.

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  1. oh! Golf isn't for me unfortunately. But the photo of that man swinging his club sure looks very sunny there :)