Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ivanovic to play in his first World Cup

Thanks to guest sports blogger Aakar Paschal.

Although I am from India, I lived much of my life in Serbia, which is why I am rooting for them in the world cup. Branislav Ivanovic now a first team regular for the Serbian national team is looking to play in his first ever world cup. The twenty six year old defender has firmly established himself as first team player and is looking to hold the Serbian defense together in group D.

The six foot two central defender was in the Premier League Team of the year in 2010 with Chelsea FC. This is a major honor and award. The center back has also been an instrumental part of Chelsea's squad that has captured the 2010 English Premier League and FA cup. Ivanovic has been in excellent form for the Blues and was a top scoring defender in the UEFA Champions League. The strong center back is expected to partner with Nemaja Vidic to form a powerful defense and shut down opposing teams. Vidic, Ivanovic, and another Central Defender Subotic are some of the highest scoring defenders in Europe. These three players are like walls in the heart of the Serbian defense and are dangerous during set pieces. With younger players around him, Ivanovic is expected to take a leading role in the team.

I have watched Ivanovic play in the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, and must say he is a top class defender. Strength, positioning, heading, and scoring off set pieces are some of his feats. He is well disciplined, times his challenges well, and is a very good passer. All of these traits make Ivanovic a fearsome foe to come up against. I will be looking at him closely during Serbia's match with Australia, and Germany on Satellite TV. Ivanovic is one of my favorite defenders and players from Chelsea FC, a club which I support. I’m glad I found such good satellite tv indian channels so that I can watch all the games from my home in Mumbai. Let's go Ivanovic and Serbia! Impress during your first world cup!


  1. You watch and 'study' the players as well whoa! For me see as I see on TV maybe would keep a watch in Q & semi finals. tQ

  2. I am impressed with Serbia to say the least,, hope they can advance to the next level,,,,,

  3. this is a guest post? ;)

  4. Serbia did well to upset Germany, but I kinda felt sorry for them against Australia because I didn't feel they deserved to lose. Good try though!

  5. Bananaz, only those I'm interested in.

    Eugene, unfortunately Serbia is out but I'm glad Germany is in in that group. The other one is Ghana. Who else are you rooting for?

  6. Tekkaus, yes it is. Watching the World Cup?

    Gallivanter, yeah lah, if they can beat Germany...

    Hey, good to see you back here. Welcome back!