Monday, June 21, 2010

Site for Coin-collectors

Are you a collector of coins? If you are, here is a site for you.

Wholesalecoinandmore has a wide selection of coins in various categories. Gold and silver coins are available, the latter in various categories and denominations including commemorative coins, proof sets and mint coins.

If you are into numismatics, a good buy here would be their wholesale coins which are sold in batches. For just $149.99, you will get a bagful of an assortment of silver coins in different denominations and from a mix of countries. Among them are rare coins and there may be a Pre-1904 Silver Dollar which is over one hundred years old, a real collectible for any coin-collector.


  1. No money to buy all this gold. :D

  2. Numismatics is a wonderful hobby but it involves a lot of money to gather variety of coins. These coins are no exception. But this is a collection of different types of coin of different times. Thanks for the post. Bye.

  3. Tekkaus, many people start with collecting silver coins and then proceed from there. You're not a coin-collector yet, I presume? Actually, coin-collection is a common hobby.

    Rithun, you're welcome. Indeed, numismatics is a wonderful and interesting hobby. It helps if you have friends and family who travel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.