Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Frolics - The Pasture Test

Hey, it's Friday again! Some of us thank God for it, others wish it's Monday again. No matter, let's just hang loose for a while and do something that doesn't need too much brain power, shall we? Enjoy the quiz. Enjoy the day..

You Are Peaceful and Content

You have reached a point in your life where you've accepted things and found bliss.

You cultivate a sense of gratitude, and you believe that each day you're given is special.

You have a low tolerance for drama, and you have been known to cut troublesome people out of your life completely.

You are a daydreamer, but there is nothing lofty about your dreams. You can be perfectly happy just watching the clouds.


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Tomorrow's off day for me! :) Happy weekend.

  2. oh, i never wish it's Monday again, unless Monday is a holiday~~ :p

  3. everyday is same for me :-)

  4. Thought you meant TGIF and the Pastor Test..
    Bananaz could'nt be Poetic..tQ.

    You Are Poetic
    You see beauty, colors, and inspiration where other people see nothing.
    You are a gentle and sensitive soul that craves love and understanding.

    You take pride in your interesting ideas, and you feel wounded if others challenge you too fiercely.
    You feel most comfortable in places where you know everyone. It's likely you are still in touch with your childhood friends.

  5. Mei Teng, hope your weekend was great. Must be great. You got to try some madeleines, eh?

    SK, ooh! So, you're not a TGIM person.. LOL!

  6. O, that is super-cool! Working life must be wonderful. Good for you..

    Bananaz, nice... what the quiz says about you.

  7. T, yay! I have a 'twin'. LOL!

  8. We must thank God for each and every day – be it Friday or Monday. We must engage ourselves in creative works to make our life more meaningful. Thanks for the post. Bye.