Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips for a Safer Home

Written by guest blogger Amanda Osbourne

How do you make your home safer? This question can be asked of 100 people and of course 100 different answers would be heard. The easiest way is to consider your particular situation and do what is best for the specific situation. In looking at my home and neighborhood, the most convenient thing was to install deadbolts on all of the entry doors. By making sure that each of them was steel construction also, this added an extra layer of security and consequently reduced my insurance premium in the process.

Another great tip that I discovered was to put up exterior lighting that went on at dusk and automatically shut off at dawn. By illuminating any out of the way areas, it discouraged any suspicious activity from occurring. I also regularly check the outside and have mail picked up whenever I will be gone for extended periods of time. The neighborhood where I live looks out for one another and does their best to monitor any kind of activity that looks out of the ordinary. By keeping up the yard and parking a car in the driveway at all times, it gives the appearance that somebody is always at the residence and it is not an easy target. This alone will discourage action taken against it. Another smart thing to do is put adt signs around your house so that burglars will be scared off.


  1. maybe motion sensor that will trigger your recorded voice over the speaker : "hey, what are you doing here??", hahahaha~~

  2. Automatic lighting is really essential. :D

  3. SK, they might have that too because there are those that trigger dog barking. Cool, eh?

    Tekkaus, indeed, especially useful for when people go out of town for an extended period of time.