Sunday, June 13, 2010

England's Goalkeeper Blunder

Sigh.......Robert Green - England's Robert Green fails to save a shot by US's Clint Dempsey during the World Cup Group C match at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg,

Image Source: The Star


  1. Didn't watch...
    No Astro at home, had to go to mamak store. But 2.30am...

  2. You could be the best goalkeeper ever. But one mistake will do you in, and erase all the achievements you have gotten.

    Such is the sad life of a footballer.

  3. Anonymous8:36 AM

    England lost? I didn't watch so don't know the results.

  4. Didnt watch the game, saw in the news like catching a slippery eel..agree with Shingo T life is like that and its kinda sad..just like David Seaman in 2002 when England lost to Brazil in Q/final. tQ.

  5. Thanks for the update.I didn't get to see the match but did manage to catch this part in the highlights.It was quite embarrassing.Should have been saved.If that was done then England would have won the match.

  6. Yeah lor, Tekkaus. :(

    KS, some people enjoy watching with others at mamak stall - everyone can cheer and jeer together. But you're right, at 2:30 in the morning, it'll be quite a hassle.

  7. Shingo, so true, and it needn't be on the pitch too. You can even write an autobiography and get booted out. hehe..

    Mei Teng, no, England didn't lose. They drew 1-1.

  8. Bananaz, haha... life's like that.
    David Seaman - he's had some good games too.

    Urmi, absolutely. Like what Bananaz said, life's like that. Hey, thanks for stopping by. Are you an England supporter too?

  9. So you were rooting for England too? : )