Wednesday, May 17, 2006

About Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras are the rage these days. Whether you are
ready to buy a digital camera or are interested in getting
the most out of the one you own, Kodak has some pointers:

o Choosing a digital camera
Choosing a digital camera is exciting because you get
to explore and play with the latest gadgets loaded with cool
features. Your main goal is to find a camera that lets you
easily take and use pictures and that fits in your price range.
You have to decide whether you can handle a totally cool,
techno-loaded camera or would be better off with an easy-to-use
one or something in-between. When choosing a digital camera,
the following are factors to consider:

- Expense
- Ease-of-use
- Size & styling
- Computer questions
- Camera features
- Compare cameras

o Digital camera controls
Understanding what controls are available and how they work,
will enable you to pick the best camera for your needs and
improve your picture-taking ability. You will then understand

- Picture quality settings
- Optical & digital zoom
- Picture-taking modes
- Focus control
- Viewfinders & display screens
- Controlling color

o Digital camera accessories
Digital cameras have special needs. A few accessories, such as
memory cards and backup power are critical for successful
picture-taking. Other accessories include docks to help you
print, download, and share pictures; and lenses, starter and
travel kits for your camera.

o Taking care of your digital camera
Whether it's an inexpensive point-and-shoot or a sophisticated
single-lens-reflex, your digital camera is an investment worth

o Compare cameras
Needless to say, it is important to compare the different
models of cameras whose features will suit your need.

If you need more specific help, here's where to go:
o From Finding the Right Camera to Finessing the Shot,
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  1. what is important to me..

    what type of batteries does it use.

    Is it water resistance..

    Is it cute?

  2. Cute? Hmmm.....I like that. :)

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Great Post, Happy. Thank you.

    I ought to buy a digital camera now and throw away my old-style film one. (Almost used 12 years) *blush*

  4. Hi PinkPanther, thank you.

    Wow! twelve years. It has served you well though a digital camera would be more handy. Happy shopping.

  5. Anonymous12:09 AM

    amazing ... kodak still in digital camera business? hearsay that they are winding down due to competition. they did badly in this arena.

  6. so when are we gonna see some digital pics from u huh? ;)

  7. kodak still in digital camera business? hearsay that they are winding down due to competition. they did badly in this arena.

    I know the one Kodak digital camera I have is pathetic compared with the Sony, Canon, and Olympus ones I've used. Sure, it's old and primitive now, but it was already way behind the others in performance even when I first bought it.

    Happy, one thing you probably should have included is:

    Do you really deserve to have any camera, let alone a digital one, in the first place? A camera in the wrong hands can be an instrument of torture.

  8. Slurp!, they probably need to change their corporate strategy?

    FH2o, :)

    MM, "A camera in the wrong hands can be an instrument of torture."
    -- To me, more like a real torture for the people at the other end of the camera.

  9. Anonymous10:29 PM

    not that they are pathetic. kodak are the ones with DCS series pro full frame digital camera using Nikon F5 body. it's very expensive inorder US25K (i think) at that time.

    it's the consumer the end that they flair badly. and subsequently, nikon & canon made DSLR affordable to the masses. and that could shakes them off the market even the pro market pie too.

    not too sure if that will help. nikon, canon are a very very strong competitor to fight with now. besdies, they don't manufacturer DSLR camera body & lens themselves.

  10. Slurp!, I think a radical change in their corporate strategy may help. Of course, it depends on what the company's vision is.

    Thanks for your thoughts.