Monday, May 15, 2006

Liverpool Football Club - FA Cup Champions

Hey! Hey! Hey! What do you know - Liverpool are the FA Cup
Champions, winning it for the seventh time.

"CARDIFF: Liverpool won the FA Cup for the seventh time on
Saturday when they beat West Ham United 3-1 on penalties after
the teams were level at 3-3 after extra time.

Liverpool keeper Jose Reina saved three of the four West Ham
penalties he faced, becoming the hero after handing West Ham
two goals with errors earlier in the match."


I am not a Liverpool FC fan but just paying tribute to the
Champion. Last year, they won the Champions League and this
year, the FA Cup. Kudos to the team, the club manager,
Rafael Benitez, but for last Saturday's FA Cup game, surely the
credit must go to Jose Reina, the goalkeeper, who saved three goals.

For West Ham, it is a terrible blow to be losing on penalties.
Well, that's football.

Rafael Benitez

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  1. Haiz.... make me lose so much money!

  2. Winning a championship game on penalties is kind of like going out on a date with a really hot-looking celebrity and winding up spending the whole time watching old movies on the TV.

    Gee...maybe there's a point to it, but I can't help asking WHY????!?!?????!???

  3. Anonymous10:52 PM

    hmmm ... am i the only guy in blogosphere who doesn't like to watch football? :P

  4. Ghost, so sad! I'm sure you're not alone as there were lots of people caught off-guard. Did you know about the jinx with regard to this stadium? Todate, no away-team has ever won in a major tourney. Go figure.

    MM, I wouldn't mind that if I could come out holding the trophy at the end of the game. However, my sympathies are with the loser in this fight. What a way to lose! I bet it's sleepless nights for them.

    Slurp! it's okay lah! We'll all watch on your behalf. You just go places and show us your nice, nice pictures on your blog.

  5. Not a big fan though..

    a bit boring for a group of man wearing branded sportwear chasing after a round thingy..

  6. I only watch EPL but only certain games. At least it beats watching F1 or golf. Oops!

  7. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Oh yes, sure beats watching *eh?* F1, or *yawn* Golf, or *zzz* Wrestling.. And although I do NOT support Liverpool or West Ham, I thought it was a great game to watch!! *ting!*

  8. Yeah, I forgot to list wrestling. Eeeewwwwwwww........

    That game was like a synchronised effort, like you score one and I score next, and back and forth, back and forth.

  9. What a way to lose! I bet it's sleepless nights for them.

    It's still better than losing on an "own goal"...

  10. Anonymous12:06 AM

    got hot babe
    got dirty scenes (when running over desert or offroad)
    got sexy maneuver
    got interersting terrains
    got dangerous liaison
    and special stages
    YAY!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  11. MM, yeah, I'd buy that.

    Did you watch the Champions League last night or rather this morning? I'm happy with the results as I wanted Barca to win and they did: 2-1. Yay!!

  12. Slurp!, whoa! all those sexy stuff also you know. You must be a big, big fan. Are you? haha!