Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Bridge - An Engineering Feat

Bridges have been instrumental in connecting places and people.
They also add an attraction to a place. From San Francisco's
Golden Gate Bridge to Sydney's Harbour Bridge to the
London Tower Bridge, each structure over the years
has been more and more sophisticated.

Take this bridge for instance. This great engineering feat
is found connecting Sweden and Denmark.
The bridge (or should it be called tunnel) goes under water
to allow movement of ships.

In order for ships to pass, this bridge is half under the water.
You drive down in the water and then come out on the other side.
Truly a marvelous piece of engineering!
This picture was taken from the side of Sweden.
Click on the picture for a larger view.

Photo source unknown


  1. yes.. have seen this bridge.. In fact, one of my friend was involved in the engineering work too.

    Did u know they have their share of mishap too?

  2. Seen the bridge? Travelled on it too? I'm not surprised about the mishaps. Were they unusual mishaps?

  3. When I visited Alesund (a small beautiful art noveau town) in Norway a few years back, the highway from the airport ran under the sea for a good 10 to 15 mins at least and then suddenly when we saw light we were in Alesund! Quite a magical experience especially after goodness know how many hours of flying ...

  4. 10 to 15 mins is a pretty long time. That must have been a very long tunnel. I'm always fascinated by such engineering feats and enjoy watching on TV how these are accomplished.

  5. That bridge/tunnel sounds and looks a lot like the Aqualine crossing Tokyo Bay. That's an interesting drive, and I especially like the little rest stop/shopping center they built right at the point where the bridge plunges down into the tunnel.

  6. Anonymous11:27 PM


    the tunnel reminds me of Japan Seikan Tunnel, which, at a 53.85km is the longest railway tunnel in thw world. the undersea railway tunnel connects japan honshu - hokkaido island. oh, they have a shopping centre right under the seabed too.

  7. Dear MM, the wonder of bridges. Thank you for sharing that and the site. What's a tour without some shopping. Clever.

  8. Dear Slurp! Thank you for that info. Underwater shopping. Awesome. There must also be a viewing gallery for sea-creature watching?

  9. "You drive down in the water and then come out on the other side."

    Those Scandavians are so clever, you get your car a washed while you drive between the two countries. I hope the car doesn't leak. ;^)

  10. Pandabonium, not if it's a Scandinavian car. haha.....

  11. Anonymous11:55 PM

    oops! ... no, it's underneath the seabed not on the seabed. so if they were to make a viewing window, you probably only see sand & gravels :P

  12. Slurp! that must have been very deep underground.

  13. Kurakat79, Hi and Welcome!