Thursday, May 4, 2006

How do you Sleep?

What does your favourite sleeping position say about you?


  1. Did u know that sleep position affect health?

    If u lie on your back.. u may have obsturctive sleep apnoea, meaning you may snore more and no having enough oxygen.

    Which explains why so many peole die in their sleep. (which is the best way to die)

  2. Yeah lah, Obstructive Sleep Apnea could be a cause of people dying due to oxygen deprivation.

    Luckily, more people this part of the world are aware of this health condition and are seeking medical assistance.

    I have friends who are suffering from this and are now sleeping with a machine. They are now sleeping more soundly, leading more normal lives.

  3. so is it really true that it's better to sleep by turning to right side instead of left? i read somewhere that since our heart is more to the left side, sleep on right side means heart will be on top and will subject to less pressure? :)

  4. Slurp! I read that too. We must be reading the same stuff. ;)

    Yeah, the article said sleeping on the right side would subject the heart to less pressure thus prolonging our life. hmmm......

  5. What if you start out in one position and wind up in another?

  6. I think it applies to the position one is most comfortable in.