Monday, May 8, 2006

A Mysterious Flying Object

Over the weekend, while some of us were out smelling flowers
or butts (oops!), or queuing up for a Blue Tooth or the government,
or even not blogging but enjoying discovering food outlets the
day before, or out sailing or having a funny heartfelt experience,
or enjoying the pleasures of the Golden Week or not blogging
but deciphering the clouds the previous weekend, or attending a
, I had a different experience.

I saw a flying object.

It was at 10-something in the morning on Sat, May 6, in front
of my home.

I was admiring the clear blue sky and the clouds when I saw
an object in the sky. At first glance, I thought it was the
moon which I’ve seen many times on a clear daytime sky.

The object was as big as the moon but more oval in shape than
round. As I gazed longer at it, I noticed that it was moving
and rather fast too. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be
the moon as I’ve not seen the moon move.

It couldn’t be a plane either as it was moving too fast and
appeared more like a disc than a plane. It couldn’t be a bird
either, I thought. It was way too high up and did not look like
a bird at all. Probably a satellite? Not that I’ve seen one.

What could it be?

I later learned that a Chinese-language newspaper carried an
article of an Australian tourist capturing a picture of a
flying object while visiting Penang a day or two earlier.

Coincidence? Could that really be a UFO?

What I saw looked something like the illustration below.
This is a Powerpoint work so it's not that exact but something
along the lines of disc-like, white in the center (circular)
and sides, and moved fast. (Probably a hand-drawn water-colour
illustration or one done with colour pencils would do it more

The whole experience lasted no more than 10 to 15 seconds
before I lost sight of it as it went behind the mass of clouds.
This is indeed exhilarating for me. I saw a Flying Object.

Something like this..


  1. you know what? I think you did! I am so green with envy. I wonder how many others seen it that day. good job on the image. Any links for the chinese daily report? This is indeed very interesting and intriguing!

  2. Agus, thank you for the positive note. Yeah, I wonder about that too. I hope to hear more. I'll have to check up on that newspaper article.

  3. When the Men in Black arrive at your house, be sure to serve tea and answer their questions truthfully.

  4. take take .. take picture.. did u not?

    Unker quips!

  5. MM, MIB - serve tea - answer questions truthfully? That is so funny! LOL!

    Robin, only a few seconds lah - not enough time. Pls tell Unker. haha...

  6. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I want some of whatever you were drinking, or eating, or smoking, or sniffing!! *GRIN*

  7. Interesting ... I wanna smoke whatever you were smoking! ;)

  8. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Yeap...very interesting flying object. Smoke of smoking...ha...ha.....

  9. LB, haha... it's not like they paid me a visit or something - God forbid! I'd have to scramble for some tea for them too.

    FH2o, I think it wasn't the smoke that they were after. They were probably looking for kayakers and they overshot to West Malaysia. ;)

    Pinkpanther, I hope to hear more sightings in our local papers.

  10. Yes, it was a UFO. UFO simply means "unidentified flying object", not aliens or even necessarily a machine.

    It is intriguing when we encounter things that are outside the range of our past experience and so present a mystery.