Thursday, May 18, 2006

Barcelona is UEFA Champion

I would have made some money......

The UEFA Champions League final between FC Barcelona and
Arsenal FC promised to be an entertaining epic, but instead
Paris witnessed a masterclass of a different kind.

Ten-man Arsenal took a first-half lead against the odds and
their fabled defence protected it for almost 40 minutes, only
for Barça to get their reward for a patient display with two
goals in the last 15 minutes, from Samuel Eto'o and Juliano
Belletti, to give the Spanish side the trophy for the second time.

Final score: Barcelona...2 ; Arsenal...1



  1. :-) My friends spent the night cheering for the arsenal team, and all were gloomy after that... I didn't bet, luckily. :-P

  2. That was a good game, wasn't it? Lots of excitement - rough and tough antics and all. I don't bet too but if I did, I would have won.

    YD, good to have you back. Is it all over? Party time?

  3. Nope.. still in the middle of exam. "Diving" period, as said in mandarin. hehe.. now "surfaced" for a while to breathe some fresh air. *^_^*

    will be back in action after 3 more weeks. :-P

  4. i could never understand football, Why 12 men who are dying to rest are on the field and the rest of the world who needs exercise are sitting in front of the TV?

  5. Fulll of speculation, this one. The referee actually wore Barca team's jersey before the match. Eto's was an off-side. Out of the box, no penalty, really.

    Well, that's football. Just too much money involved. You have to keep up the heat and entertaining level.

  6. YD, hang in there. Before you know it, three weeks will be over.

    Winn, that's a good one - one of the paradoxes of life. haha..

  7. Low, you're right, but I'm not complaining as I wanted Barca to win. hehehehe.........

  8. Wah.. 3 weeks of neighbours screaming in the middle of the nights..

    Goal!!.. Ole Ole Ole Ole

  9. Robin, there'll be some more when World Cup comes around. Is Metta and the others affected by the noise too?

  10. after arsenal went down 1 man & scored a goal, i actually wanted them to win - just to complete a fairytale... but exciting game !

  11. Hey Fullmoon, good to see you here again. The critics were right. The ref should have let the goal through and not red-card Lehmann but he's only human (meaning refs do make mistakes too). Yes, it was an exciting game.

  12. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I was enthralled..... I should have bet, but too lazy to...

  13. Hi LB, exciting game, no doubt. The town must have been deserted with most people being glued to their tv sets?