Saturday, December 29, 2007

2072 Good Computers Destroyed

Recently, enforcement officers cracked down on syndicates operating llegal gambling activities in cybercafes in various parts of the Klang Valley.

2072 computers were seized. Members of the public were upset that the computers were destroyed in the open. Concerns were raised that it was done incorrectly as destroying computers in the open would cause emission of toxins including lead, mercury, cadmium and others. I wonder if this would be considered as a negative factor in an environmental site assessment.

This act of destroying the computers (with bulldozers to boot) also raised queries as to why these good computers were not deployed to more needy places such as orphanages.


  1. Indeed! It would have been much more sensible for the relevant authorities to use a little bit of simple commonsense and redeploy those seized computers for a better cause, than harm the environment, and waste further resources in the process.. But then, that would have been too remarkable a feat, I suppose.

  2. Got it. *Sigh* We do have a long way to go.