Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Causes of Traffic Jams in Malaysia

Lots of things can cause traffic jams here. That's why when it begins to rain, some of my colleagues prefer to stay back in the office and leave later rather than being caught in the jam.

Another cause would be people slowing down to see an accident. Humans are inquisitive by nature perhaps. Some drivers would even go to the extent of parking by the roadside to investigate what has happened!

Yet another cause of traffic jams would be road-digging, either the telephone company would be laying cables or upgrading the old cables to fiber optic cables, or the water department would be laying pipes. The amazing thing is that one party would dig up the road, have road resurfaced after job is done, then the next party would come along and repeat the entire process of digging and resurfacing. Is this just in this country, I wonder.


  1. I suppose that keeps the economy running.. having jobs for everyone concerned.. :-)

  2. You're a genius, LB! :D

  3. Get rid of the g** d***ed cars. No more traffic jams!