Saturday, December 22, 2007

General Election

Is Malaysia set for a general election?

The Election Commission (EC) is. Some 50,000 transparent ballot boxes have been distributed across the country and 250,000 workers are ready to be mobilised.

This time around, the use of indelible ink is ready to be introduced, as requested by some political parties and non-governmental organisations, in an effort to prevent fraud.

Some 10.5 million citizens will be eligible to vote in the next general election, with the EC having recently endorsed an additional electoral roll of 412,756 voters.

The EC has also removed 141,063 names from the record of registered voters.
Source: The Star


  1. I still have never voted!!!!

  2. *aghast* Want me to send you the ballot box? The new one?

  3. PandaB, thank you. We need that. Lots of it.