Monday, December 3, 2007

The Year of the Rat is next

Can't imagine eleven months of the year have just flown by. The weather is starting to get hot and the wind strong and dry. This is usually the kind of weather this time of the year - the time when one hears the slamming of doors and windows caused by the strong winds or the sound of flower pots being broken.

The local Chinese community takes this as a sign of Chinese New Year approaching. The Chinese or Lunar calendar begins on February 7, 2008, which marks the first day of the Lunar New Year. By the way, the new year is the Year of the Rat/Mouse. It'd be interesting to know what the new year brings.

It's still a good two months before the Chinese New Year festival so we still haven't seen on sale any lime plants, feng shui bamboo plants and other auspicious paraphernalia associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Downtown in malls and hotels, it's the air of Christmas everywhere. It's a delight going downtown this time of the year. Will need to make a trip to get some pictures to show you here.

Happy Monday in the meantime.


  1. yes, a begining of the tweleve animal cycle again.

    Indeed time flies when we are living.

    In every story there is an ending, but in life, every ending is a new begining.

    Enjoy the seasons.

  2. Year of the Rat. George Bush must feel honored! :^o

    Cool picture with the dragon fly.

  3. Yeah, seems like not so long ago when we had Chinese New Year! The years are just speeding by so fats now!!! Downhill Slalom, I suppose.. Gah!!! Happy Monday!! Bluek!! :-)

  4. Robin, yes, let's enjoy the seasons.

    PandaB, didn't know he's a Rat. :p

    Glad you like that picture. Borrowed though. Dragonflies bring back sweet carefree days of childhood.

    LB, very soon, you'd be back here again for the sunshine and the lormaikais. lol