Wednesday, December 26, 2007

MSN's Best Pictures of 2007

Life is made up of events - some great moments, others you wish they never happened - and some of these are captured for posterity and memory. Pictures speak volumes.

MSN has come up with a compilation of their best pictures of 2007. They include fire-fighters putting out forest fires, a Kansas town after the tornado, sports moments, sad moments, space photos and many more. Check them all out. If you wish, put in your vote for the best picture in your opinion.


  1. ahhh, going to vote later... gotta drink my teh tarik first! :-)

  2. Yet to try Aik Cheong but the Boh 2-in-1 is not bad. Nothing beats the teh tarik from the Ah Neh stall though... plus the roti telor. yum!!