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What is Your Birthstone?

Gemstones have been around for thousands of years and not surprising too as they are beautiful. These days, gemstones are worn not only for their beauty but for their curative powers.

There is a birthstone for everyone. Do you know what's your birthstone and how it will serve you?

As a follow-up to Furkids' comment on my earlier post, Wear a Gemstone for Health and Wealth, thought I'd do a post on birthstones and the good effects they bring to the wearer. I am no expert here but I am interested in gemstones in general thus the sharing of information on birthstones. What you are reading here is courtesy of

What is your lucky birthstone and what qualities does it bring?

Birthstone: Garnet - Healing, Protection, and Strength. Relief from skin inflammation. Regulation of heart and blood flow and aid against depression.

Birthstone: Amethyst - guard against drunkenness and help with addictions. It has been said to help with insomnia, headaches, and other pain, including hearing problems. Amethyst powers are said to include dreams, healing, peace, love, and overall happiness.

Birthstone: Aquamarine - give the gift of foresight, courage, and happiness to the wearer. It is also believed to increase intelligence. The aquamarine is considered a healing stone.

Birthstone: Diamond - symbolize ever-lasting love, perfection, clarity, and strength. The strongest of all stones, in ancient folklore, the diamond is said to protect the wearer against fire, water, poison, and even thieves. Today, it is the unrivaled symbol is commitment, love, and passion.

Birthstone: Emerald - emeralds help increase memory and intelligence. They are also said to be worn as a way to enhance love. Among royalty, Cleopatra is known to have loved the emerald gemstone more than any other gemstone.

Birthstone: Pearl - the symbol of unblemished perfection. In Ancient times, the pearl was a symbol of the moon and believed to hold "magical" powers. In Roman history, only people of a certain "rank" were allowed to wear pearl jewelry. The beauty of pearls is that they are completely unique. No two are alike!

Birthstone: Ruby - The ruby is known as the "king" of all gemstones. To some, the ruby represents the sun, to others, wisdom, integrity, and devotion. Perhaps the most popular meaning behind the ruby is passion, love, and romance.

Birthstone: Peridot - bring the wearer prosperity, peace, and success. It is said that its "powers" include peace, sleep, and and protection. The peridot is supposed to calm anger, entice peace, dispel negative emotions, and instill love.

Birthstone: Sapphire - Tradition holds that the tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were written were made of sapphire stone. The Ancient Persians believed that the earth rested upon a large sapphire and that its reflection is what colored the sky blue. Other ancient cultures believed that sapphires imparted healing and calm.

Birthstone: Tourmaline - Centuries ago, the tourmaline stone was associated with artists and thought to be the gemstone of authors, painters, actors, and the creative in all of us.

Birthstone: Citrine - thought to increase creativity and joy. Throughout history, the citrine gem has been used in holistic medicine, by improving the body's organs, including the heart, kidneys, live, and digestive tract. It is said to be useful for detoxification and bodily healing, especially in removing antioxidants.

Birthstone: Topaz - In ancient times, the topaz was believed to ward off death, increase strength, and even make the wearer invisible! Others believed it to increase and stimulate eyesight, while others still believed it to ward off injury.


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  3. these all gemstones are very beautiful..i am october brithstone Tourmaline..i am going to buy it for sure