Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Friend, the Exercise Buff

Would you buy an item as seen on tv? The other day, a girlfriend saw something she liked on tv and asked that I go with her to check it out. It's some kind of exercise equipment. This shop that runs the program promoting its products. has several outlets in the city. They sell mostly exercise equipment and some household products. I was surprised to see a long line of customers at their paying counter.


  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    You got to admit, they do it so good on tv. Everybody could be lured to the shop ... It's like a magic shop. :) You want flat abs, juicer, mopper, super glue, curly hair ... everything!

  2. That's marketing, alright. I know people who have bought these gadgets and let them sit pretty collecting dust after a few workouts. Fat not burned but money burned. lol

  3. Yup. Waste of money most of the time. If we walk, ride bikes, and just use our bodies, rather than take cars or sit in front of TVs and computers all day we can eliminate the need for "exercise machines".