Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Want a Cooked Lobster Look?

When I was little, I used to hang out in the evening with an older girl who lived a few doors away. While gazing up at the sky, she would tell me stories. She said if the evening sky is bright and orangey, the following day would be a hot day. Yesterday evening, the sky reminded me of her and her theory.

This morning started off on a clear note. At 9:30am, the sky was clear and blue. A slight breeze was blowing. Too nice to be cooped up indoors, actually. But by noon, going out into the sun would give one a shade close to a cooked lobster afterwards, which some of the expats here look like, really.

People here tend to fall sick more in hot weather. A colleague is in hospital nursing a fever, dengue fever, that is. When the weather is hot, we get more mosquitoes. Dengue fever is caused by the aedes mosquito, so beware of white-striped mosquitoes as that's how the aedes mosquito look like.

Stagnant water found in any receptable in the garden or anywhere outside provides a good breeding ground for these pests. At one time, each mosquito larva found in one's home by an enforcement officer comes with a fine of RM50/-! Imagine if a fish-pond is left fishless with stagnant water, it would be a happy home for mosquito larvae and would also make one happy enforcement officer.


  1. I also fell sick last week, but not sure if it was caused by mosquitoes.

    My fever is gone now, but I still cough badly, especially at night.

  2. More people will be coughing once the Mandarin oranges go on sale. Hope you are feeling better, KS.

  3. I haven't being in Kuala Lumpur for almost 5 years. The weather still hot there? ^_^

  4. I fear the aedes mosquito!!! *brings out Garlic* *and wooden stake* *and silver bullets*

  5. Dengue fever causes problems in Fiji from time to time. There was even a minor outbreak on Maui, which was odd since no one knew how it got there - jet travel I guess.

    Oh that lobster look isn't healthy - people can get cancer later if they do that too many times.

    But lobster dinner on the other hand...yum. :)

  6. Nice pictures of the city. I don't get sunburn or mosquito bites - my fur protects me!

  7. Kevin, 5 years?! I would say that's long overdue. Make a trip one of these days. You may like what you see.

    LB, what you've got might work for those from Transylvania. Is that where vampire aedes come from? Oh well.. lol

  8. PandaB, we do get dengue cases all year round and at times, could be concentrated in a specific housing area. We try to stay indoors especially in the evening as it's believed that these aedes mosquitoes only come out "to play" at this time of the day. Jet-travel is possible, I think.

    I agree that lobster look is not good especially these days with the ozone layer depleting.

    Oh yes, lobster dinner is yum. :D

  9. Well hello Momo, thanks. Lucky, lucky you. *hugs*