Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to Accessorize Your Truck

I used to be paranoid when it comes to stepping onto a bar when getting into a truck or an SUV. Why? Because to me these bars don't look strong enough to support a person, even a light-weight like me. That was my impression until I read that these step bars are really strong, being constructed for maximum strength and durability.

Not only are they strong, they can be quite stylish too, just like the one with a wide oval tube design as in a Lund 5" step bar. There are also do-it-yourself types like those from T & H Euto-Tech. Of course, some people would prefer running boards for their vehicle though I think step bars look better on trucks. Besides, a step bar will protect your doors from kicked up stone and dirt as well as allow you to step into your truck.

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