Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Have you heard of Pet Furniture?

One thing good about the Mega Sale is that discounts apply almost across the board - malls and shops selling items from lights to drapery to furniture, clothes, electrical and electronics products, floor tiles, carpets, shoes and bags, watches, real plants and artificial flowers, and others.

The other day, I was at a furniture mall with a girlfriend who is looking into replacing her sofa set. The range of furniture they have is unbelievable, new and modern items alongside antique items. They even have furniture for pets which we were fascinated. We particular liked a pretty litter box which my girlfriend bought for a cousin who has a pet cat. No, she did not find the sofa set she was looking for.


  1. Anonymous8:59 AM

    The cat litter box is a great piece to own...I am sure cat owners would love this. Your friend ended up shopping for her cousin instead of getting her own stuff..hhahah..happens to me too sometimes :)

  2. Do you prefer cats or dogs? my wife is obsessed with cats. She's on the lookout for them all the time. Every cat is cute to her :p

  3. MBL, happens to me too. I would get (better) stuff for friends and family which I would not get for myself. Probably because I don't need them (and I think they do?) Duh!

  4. MB, I don't mind either though I don't have any.

    Cats can be very pretty and cute too and every cat is different. Does your wife feed cats or bring them home?

  5. yes, yes,

    do you know they sell a sofa chair for cats in IKEA??

    S$139.. not cheap leh

  6. And you bought one, I suppose!

    Are you still with all your kids or has your family grown?

  7. My wife only strokes all the stray cats that don't run away from her :p

    She wants to bring them home but i refuse to let her :p