Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lee Chong Wei through to the Finals

On Saturday evening, most Malaysians would have been geared to the tv (whether at home, at their friend's or at a mamak stall) watching Malaysian shuttler, Lee Chong Wei, in the semi-finals against South Korea's Lee Hyun-il.

Picture source: The Star
If Lee Chong Wei wins, he would move on to the finals making him the first Malaysian shuttler to have reached the finals at the Olympics. A win would also assure Malaysia of a medal making him the first Malaysian Olympics medallist since 1996.

Second seed, Lee Chong Wei, went on to win the semi-finals.

Tonight, at 8:48pm, he will be playing top seed, China's Lin Dan, in the finals. If he wins, Lee Chong Wei will go down in Malaysian history books as the first gold medallist at the Olympics. All Malaysia will be watching him and rooting for him to win tonight.

Will you be watching the game?


  1. i hope i can watch but i have work to do...sad....

  2. Hi Huey Mei, I hope you get to watch it. Looking at your profile picture reminds me of my overdue post on the Eye on Malaysia. My bad, guys.

    HM, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Li Dan was just too good. But Chong Wei did his best by going all the way to the finals and competing against the world no.1

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Watched it online last night. It's too bad that Lin Dan played a perfect game. But still good. Lee Chong Wei should still be commended on his performance in this Olympic. :)

  5. I too watched, engrossed due to the big hype, but alas, it was like watching Manchester United swatting the Perak team aside... :-)

    And then Manchester United couldn't even dent Newcastle enough! *sigh*

  6. Looks like both Malaysia and Singapore has this common: Using China-born foreign talents to win Olympic medals :)

  7. MBL, yes, Lee Chong Wei deserves praises for making it to the finals. Syabas! Lee!

    CC, I agree. His achievement makes him the first Malaysian shuttler to get a silver medal at the Olympics and that's quite an achievement. And he'll be receiving RM300,000 from the govt for coming in second. It would have been RM1million if he had the gold.

  8. Aww....LB....must you compare the mosquito (Perak side) to the cow (Manchester United)? Say that in Cantonese? Mun and ngau pei!! LOL

    Manchester United's game was disappointing. Tsk tsk!

  9. MB, are you referring to Lee Chong Wei? He is not from China. He is Penang-born.