Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 080808 Day, My Friends!

I was touched this morning when a business associate called up to wish me a Happy 080808 Day. It sort of brought back feelings of Chinese New Year when you receive calls of greetings.

Before that call, it did not occur to me that this day is so important. If there is ever an auspicious day in a calendar, today must be it, 080808.

He said, in his office and in the circles he is associated with, it is like everyone is talking about it and wishing each other well.

So, My Dear Friends, let me take this opportunity to wish you A Very Happy 080808 Day and may this day be the start of greater things in your life!

Btw, don't forget to watch the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony starting at the auspicious hour of 8pm. Don't think about flying out there because both the Beijing Capital International Airport and the Beijing Nanyuan Airport are closed and flights suspended during the opening ceremony from 7:30pm to midnight. Now you know.

A Happy 080808 Day to You!


  1. Anonymous3:28 PM

    I am looking fwd to tnite's opening of the Games. My fav sports to watch are swimming and gymnastics.

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Although it is common knowledge that Olympics and its organization are some of the corrupt organizations in the world, the game itself is still cherished and applauded to be the commemoration of sport.

    China has done so a lot to prepare itself in hosting it, and I really think people should just give it a little bit of break. At least till the game is over, don't you think?

  3. Surely a great day to remember and felt so proud as a Chinese.

    Enjoy the whole opening ceremony so much thought watched TV only.

    Have you bought any souvenir for the Beijing Olympic so far?

  4. MBL, my fav would be the track events, esp the sprints.

    Andie, you are so right. The world would be watching China and some quarters probably judging her unkindly. Well, the opening was a great success for starters.

    PP, unfortunately, I have not seen any Olympics souvenirs on sale here other than the McDonald glass mugs. They come in a set of five games and I've got them all. I remember when Malaysia hosted the Commonwealth Games sometime back, I purposely went to the stadium stores to pick up some items.

    What Olympics goodies have you got for yourself?

  5. Li Jia Wei, the China-born table-tennis player, who represented Singapore. Dragged the Singapore flag on the floor while carrying it. Oh my goodness! Are her arms really that weak? If her arms are weak, how can she possibly compete effectively? :p

  6. Yeah, Oh by goodness! Maybe the flag and staff combination was too heavy for her, obviously heavier than a table-tennis bat. For her to make it to the Olympics, she must have met the required standard and she may win Singapore a gold medal. Who knows!

  7. What Olympics goodies have you got for yourself?

    I am planing to buy one miniature Bejing Olympic Torch.

  8. PP, that would be nice. Yerterday, I saw a friend with a keyring and attached to it are five little metal plates of the five mascots. Too bad, she did not have an extra to spare me. I will have to find out where I could buy some Olympic souvenirs.