Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Things to do when your colleagues are away

Someone was so thoughtful to have put together this package on stuff you could do for your colleague who is away too long or too often.

Check out the great ideas to let them know that you thought of them while they were away.

#1 – Leave them some flowers

#2 – Leave them some To-Do memos

#3 – Spruce up their work area with some creative d├ęcor

#4 – Everyone loves presents! Unwrapping presents is half the fun!

#5 – Clean their workspace. And to make sure it stays clean, protect it with something

#6 – Let them know you looked after their workspace while they were gone and kept “undesirables” at bay

#7 – Hand-made gifts. We all love them. A little masking tape and some styrofoam goes a long way!

#8 – And finally…
if they’ve had a bit of an “extended” leave, remind them that not much has changed since they’ve been gone


  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    LOL..hahhha...the last one is the best of the lot!! My colleagues will kick my butt if I did this...hhaha :)

  2. Hi Happy,

    Just be happy to enjoy a little more private space.

    Hope things are fine with you!

  3. Anonymous10:59 AM

    I love the memos one! Not sure whether to feel happy or angry if that happens to me. LOL

    p/s: Hello, first time commenting here. :)

  4. Whoever is at the receiving end of such pranks after a long leave, would be fuming mad and barking and demanding to know who's the culprit. Ha, ha, ha...! :D

  5. MBL, LOL! Doesn't that remind you of hydroponics? I have often wondered about this method of cultivation - are the veggies safe for consumption. What are your thoughts? Anyone?

    Hi Joe, I am doing fine. Hope you are too. Yes, we do take our own little space for granted sometimes, don't we? Thanks for coming by.

    CC, indeed! But it's such a sight to behold I'd have to marvel at the idea behind it first. Hello and Welcome.

    MB, absolutely. Some pranks! Do unto others.........? LOL

  6. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Hhaha..I wouldn't dare eat those vegetation cultivated on the keyboard...all that bacteria...hmm...a good place for cultivating bean sprouts.

  7. MBL, ya lah, not hygienic but there are worse things. Did I tell you about the times I found non-edibles in my hum choy soup and hor yip farn? Lucky me!

  8. Anonymous10:25 PM

    and so happy surfer happily decorates her collegues as such. r they happy abt it? :) those pics r rather old. i had them in email long time ago.

  9. Hey Little Guy, long time no see. You are right, these pictures are not new. The wonder about the Internet and about friends is that you get second, third helpings of stuff and you get friends who send you stuff to remind you or to amuse you all over again.

    Sure is good to have you back here, you know. Have you moved into your new home already? Can't wait to see your kitchen. Please do continue to come by.

  10. This explains the sudden rise in homicides at the work place.

  11. LOL!! Love to death? :P