Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Idiot in the other stall

Okay, let's start this Hump Day with a laugh. Better still, let's start it with the toilet. Oops!

And this one is a ceiling-mural with a message. Great piece of art, wouldn't you say? This is found in a smoking room in an IT firm in Mumbai.

Sources unknown


  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I almost die laughing. LOL

  2. hahaha, I needed that.

    and nice pic on the ceiling.. but having people looking at me from the top everytime I stretch myself is not my idea of peace.


  3. CC, glad you enjoyed it. Me too. Oops!

    Robin, how are you? I missed you, you know that?

    Yeah lah, esp when there is a padre involved.

  4. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I love the idiot in the next stall..hahhha..and the ceiling mural is absolutely fabulous...what a message it sends across!

    Enjoyed reading this post.

  5. Great piece of art indeed. Reminds you of your mortality :)

  6. in a male toilet if someone asks the person next door can he come over, it means he either wants anal sex or blowjob. Gross.

    Blowjob is a misnomer. Should be known as suckjob instead.

  7. Joke - Psyche!!!

    Mural - PSYCHE!!!!!!!

    I definitely needed to be psyched today, let me tell you. Thank you!

  8. MBL, glad you enjoyed this post.

    MB, Great piece of art indeed. Reminds you of your mortality :)

    Ya lor.

    Thanks for the sex education. :p

  9. MM, life is still worth living. Life is still worth living....

    Here, enough psyching? hehe..

  10. I think the ceiling mural is bit asshole-istic. If someone wants to smoke, let them, they KNOW it kills. Everything in this planet can kill you.