Friday, August 22, 2008

Amanda Beard disses Michael Phelps

Olympians are human too, lest we forget. Do you think this is just a joke or do you think Amanda Beard should have apologised to Michael Phelps? What do you think?

View the video and share your thoughts.


  1. Oh, for f*** sakes...WHO CARES????!???

    And on CNN, too! This is the sort of thing that occupies the news in the U.S.A. today...

    ...and if you try to talk to most Americans about what's going on in the real world much if not most of the time you get "Whatever" as your response, if they don't just say, "I don't want to hear about it," and walk away.

    Ever wonder why most Americans probably couldn't find Afghanistan on a world map? And yet the U.S. is trying to be the world's policeman (at least anywhere there's oil)?

    Speaking as an American, this is f***ing embarrassing. I mean, WHO THE F*** CARES WHETHER TWO F***ING SWIMMERS ARE F***ING EACH OTHER OR NOT????!!?!????? Get out of your f***ing padded cell and get a real life, America.

  2. MM, wow! such gusto. CNN covered them probably because they are famous sports personalities.

    You know, US is not alone. We have people here too whose behaviour is supplying "news-worthy" fodder to the papers.