Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Visit to Halong Bay

There is talk that petrol price in Malaysia will go down next month. Oil price has gone down to $111 leading to prices of food going down too in the US. Gold price has also gone down from a high of $1000 to less than $786 right now.

Lots of other things are going south too, housing prices, as well as the economy slow-down in Europe. One thing that has not slowed down is travel. People are still travelling primarily due to the attraction travel deals offer. It is still summer and still plenty of time to take in going places. Talk about going places, Halong Bay in Vietnam is one place I would like to visit.

Did you know that Halong Bay is a World Heritage site?


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I would like to visit Halong Bay! Heard about its beauty..:)

  2. Looks a bit like China's Xiao Gui Lin :)

  3. MBL, my colleague who went there two months ago enjoyed her visit. The guided tour included an overnight stay on the boat at Halong Bay. That was the highlight of the visit.

    MB, you may be right. China Guilin's beauty is well-known and the Chinese government is making it a priority on the protection of its historical and cultural heritage, as well as its natural scenery.

    The beauty of Halong Bay is the bay area.

  4. That is so beautiful.

    Don't count on prices staying down. Central banks have been propping up the dollar and in six months you'll see commodities rise again. Expect price fluctuations to continue and get even wilder as time goes by. But the overall trend will be up.

  5. I think people are traveling shorter distance now. So if someone planned to fly to Europe 6 months ago, now he/she may decide to travel in Asia instead.

  6. PandaB, you are right. Prices will only go up in this fossil fuel-depleting age. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    KS, you think so? hmm...